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Since 2002, Strategies for Philanthropy LLC has helped nonprofits and philanthropists of all parts of the nonprofit sector achieve maximum effectiveness through strategic funding plans, marketing and branding, and strategic planning and implementation. This boutique consulting firm provides highly creative solutions to nonprofits, individual donors, and corporate foundations and is guided by a desire to bring VISION, FOCUS, and ACTION to all aspects of philanthropic giving. Strategies for Philanthropy LLC will execute projects in the areas of fund development and operating, capital, and endowment campaign management, action-oriented strategic planning for both nonprofits and foundations, executive search and mentoring, CEO on boarding, and strategic communications to local, national, and international philanthropies. 

Susie Stein has enjoyed working more than three decades in philanthropy, serving the needs of more than 50 nonprofits, closing major donations, and providing individual donors and corporate foundations with strategic giving strategies and implementation. She has served as the number two at international and statewide organizations. Her career fund development results total $250 million, including $50 million in endowment. 

Blue Sky Philanthropy

We are already in a time of great change in philanthropy, as government sources decrease and needs increase. As the boomers retire, there will be even less opportunity to rely on the sliver of governmental dollars that support social and educational needs. On the bright side, it is predicted that the boomers will donate $8 trillion to philanthropic causes in the coming years. How will it be spent? Will it be spent strategically? Will it make a difference?

The same questions apply to corporations, which donated only 11% of the $390 billion given away in 2016. And also, to family foundations, an ever growing part of the philanthropic scene.

Strategies for Philanthropies urges families, individuals, foundations, and corporations to go beyond the surface; to go beyond the 990 tax information forms; to go beyond pre-arranged site visits; to go beyond what a neighbor or friend says is a worthy cause.





Find The Right DOnors for You

Each organization is different – determining a new funding landscape, and then helping you move forward. Feel confident you're progressing quickly and effectively with Strategies for Philanthropy. Your organizations will be able to accomplish their mission and take their programs to scale. 


Make informed giving decisions

Finding the right fit for your donations shouldn't be a rash or routine decision. There are elements to consider, such as the evaluation of the board and executive leadership; market assessment of the agency's programs vs. the community's needs, and long-term and short-term fiscal stability. Strategies for Philanthropy can help you select wisely. Your philanthropy will make a true difference for the organizations you choose to support.


Susie Stein translates client needs into unique, clear, and measurable solutions.With more than three decades in the industry, she has worked with more than 50 nonprofits, individuals, and corporate and family foundations.


Representative Clients


I have hired Strategies for Philanthropy three times — at Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership/BIG STEP, to conduct our first capital campaign, where Susie brought in a $500,000 national foundation gift and many local ones.

Susie was the first full-time philanthropic counsel for Bradley Technological & Trade School Foundation. Her efforts led to an achievement of 350% of our goal in just 11 weeks. Susie is an all-around accomplished professional, with terrific writing and people skills, and a drive to get the job done, making her an asset to any organization.
— Earl Buford, President & CEO of Employ Milwaukee
Susie worked with me as a terrific mentor and taught me everything I know about sound philanthropy strategies. I credit her with my surpassing my 2016 goals.
— May Flam, co-executive director, Partners for Progressive Israel, New York
Susie is a fundraising force in the Milwaukee community. She walks the talk, and her sensitivity to CAM’s mission and needs has been terrific. Her writing and analytic skills will be helpful to any nonprofit.
— Maggie Kuhn Jacobus, President & CEO Creative Alliance Milwaukee

“Strategies served Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan in metro Detroit with a two-step process: interviewing selected donors and boardmembers, and then creating a strategic development plan for how our fund development program could improve. Working with Susie was a pleasure — she always asks the right questions; she was universally welcomed into our organization by both board and professional staff; and her final product was delivered on time and with a great deal of serious thought and important recommendations.”
— Len Krichko, President & CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan
Susie Stein brought stability to Silver Spring Neighborhood Center’s revenues by meeting each year’s goals; rebranding the agency; leading and implementing the strategic planning process; creating three successful special events; and by bringing a new level of professionalism to our philanthropy efforts. Susie reached out to the residents of Westlawn, and cultivated new and ongoing donors to provide greater support for Silver Spring.
— Roger Siegel, former board chairman of Silver Spring Neighborhood Center

Strategies for Philanthropy is a recommended consulting firm of the Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee, where she is a frequent instructor.