Case Studies

Strategies for Philanthropy LLC assists nonprofits ranging from $500,000 to $1 billion budget size. One particular challenge encountered since 2002 was building a new brand and creating the first private funding campaign for an agency supported largely by governmental grants. In order to achieve the bottom line goal, Strategies rebranded the agency with the help of a graphic artist and by creating a slogan, both of which are still in use a decade later. The creation of a new brand for the organization was instrumental in achieving public awareness, major gifts throughout the community, and the campaign goal of $1 million. The process of creating the new brand involved the CEO, board directors, and Strategies.

This is just one of many examples in which Strategies for Philanthropy has worked with clients in a comprehensive way, by addressing the agency’s challenging issues and creating a unique strategy to reach financial goals on time and on the money.


Strategies for Philanthropy LLC has assisted individuals and corporations in achieving something of value: an effective and comprehensive giving plan or building sustainability into an existing homegrown project. We address the specific, personal goals and determine the best strategies to enact them – whether in terms of local or national annual giving; long-term gift policies for businesses; or enabling individuals to create a new project or organization. Based on 32 years of experience in marketing and raising

$200 million, we have advised private and corporate foundations about the most effective nonprofits in the Greater Milwaukee region and around the nation. Together with the client, we help to achieve a more satisfying philanthropic portfolio, with periodic reviews.